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We offer comprehensive servicing of our fire protection systems. We have extensive experience in the performance of repairs and comprehensive assemblies, as well as servicing, which we provide in the entire country and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We carry out supervision over all industrial plants, in which our systems are installed.

Thanks to the dedicated experienced service technicians, we guarantee quick response in the case of failure, thus ensuring continuous operation of fire protection systems.

We provide professional servicing and especially:

  • annual inspections
  • periodic maintenance
  • additional services (tank cleaning, pressure tests, etc.)
  • modernization of systems and devices
  • trainings in the scope of use of the Firefly system, as well as appropriate reaction in the case of a fire alarm

Our warehouse of spare parts is located in Wrocław. This provides us with extensive flexibility in the scope of planning of the service works, short response time, as well as allows us to offer attractive prices for conducted servicing.